Sirrine Design and Innovation
For Airtime Solutions : Mega Tow Magnetic & Mega Tow Friction
Two machines, sharing many components.
Designed with Safety,Performance,Reliability
and Ease of operation in mind.

Precision water-jet cut aluminum plate
Laser cut Stainless steel
CNC machined components.
Anodised for corrosion resistance
Removable Tracking mast and
Tracking head cartridge.
Tow line tension monitoring device
Multiple mounting options.
Synchronous belt or chain drive
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Mega Tow Magnetic
Honda is rated # 1 in customer
satisfaction. SDI is teaming up  with
Honda and has OEM status pending.
Assembling Spools
Mega Tow Friction
Machine Bases being Assembled
without the use of magnetic particles or
friction components. This method of Pure
Hysteresis Brakes produce torque
braking provides far superior operating
life, superior repeatability, high degree of
controllability, and less maintenance and
down time) which make them the
preferred choice for precise tension
Genuine Honda power for rewind
finest, Using the design of our original
capacity we have come up with a
system of tow line tension control that
can be adjusted during the tow if
desired. And whats best is no bulky
hydraulic hoses to route up to the
vehicle cab for remote operation.
Just one small flexible control cable.